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Lubrication Management
Lubrication Management
At The Lubricant Company we offer tailored Lubrication Management solutions which meet the requirements of your business.
Whether you are looking for lubricant supply only, or a complete package including provision of highly qualified Lubrication Engineers on-site, we have a solution that works for you. We look at each business on an individual basis.
One of our team will come out and visit your site to assess your current set-up and discuss your requirements. Our aim is always to make your business run more efficiently and more profitably. Our Lubrication Management package can include any of the elements below, depending on your requirements.
On-Site Lubrication Engineers

Fully employed and managed by us, we can provide labour on site full time or part time

Engineering Support & Projects

Access engineering support from our own Field Engineers and Mobil's FES team to improve equipment reliability and overall plant efficiency

Stock Management

Let us manage stock checks and re-ordering to cut your admin costs and ensure continuity of supply

Oil Condition Monitoring

Oil sampling and analysis with tailored suites of tests and interpretation from our specialists

Equipment Diagnostics

Vibration analysis, thermal imaging and more

Lubricant Rationalisation

Where possible we will rationalise your range of products to save costs, storage space and the risk of cross-contamination

STAR Oil Condition Monitoring
One of today’s most advanced condition monitoring programmes, STAR provides a programme of Service, Testing, Analysis and Response, designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.
The major causes of machine failure are contamination by water and dirt, along with incorrect lubricant use. Early detection of lubrication degradation, destructive contaminants and potential plant failure will deliver significant cost savings and will avoid costly machine downtime. STAR provides up to date trend analysis and regular custom-designed action reports for easy implementation.
By implementing the STAR programme, considerable cost savings can be made through the prevention of lost production and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, maintenance can be scheduled to fit in with plant shut downs, and plant reliability can be improved.
A focused and thorough reporting programme not only optimises the oil life, but also improves the overall performance of machinery by predicting wear rates and implementing focused action plans, designed to improve plant availability, maintenance and lubrication.
Convenient Report Delivery Options

Results are dispatched quickly on analysis. Choose from immediate online/email or fax delivery, or choose postal delivery to receive your results within 48 hours of arrival at the laboratory.

Simple Data Analysis

StarTrak is our proprietory software package designed to allow you to manipulate data, compare results from different pieces of machinery and use statistical analysis to highlight any maintenance problems over the past twelve months.

MobilServ Lubricant Analysis
MobilServ Lubricant Analysis is designed to provide end-users in the marine, industrial and commercial vehicle sectors with comprehensive oil analysis that reports on equipment, lubricant and contaminent trends in critical equipment.
It is especially useful for maintenance professionals seeking to increase productivity.
Building on ExxonMobil’s strong heritage of helping companies take a proactive approach to maintenance and the prevention of costly production outages, MobilServ Lubricant Analysis brings oil analysis to a new level, making it easy for maintenance professionals to ensure equipment reliability and reduce costs.
Commercial Vehicle

Test suites include engine and powertrain


Tailored test suites for all sectors and equipment, including gas engines, paper machines and gas turbines

Storage & Handling
At The Lubricant Company, we understand how important storage and handling solutions are, whether you are operating a small independent workshop, or a multi-site manufacturing company.
Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment is important to any business, and high standards of lubricant handling can ensure you keep your employees safe, and meet all HSSE regulations.
From fully bunded bulk tanks to pumps and oil jugs, we can source the right equipment for your business. We can even provide bespoke solutions if we don't have anything that suits. Our equipment range also includes spill kits and we can source filtration units, skimmers and other items. We supply automatic lubrication units, and where access may be an issue for managing lubrication, we have solutions available, tailored to your company and site layout.
Tank telemetry can be provided to any business using bulk oil tanks. Readings will be sent direct to our Customer Service team, and we will set re-order limits to suit your needs.
For industrial sites, we also offer a full plant labelling service to ensure that the correct lubricant is always used in the correct application. This includes oil store, dispensing equipment and plant equipment labelling to make life for your engineers as simple as possible.
Bulk Tanks

Standard size or bespoke made to measure units available nationwide

Tank Telemetry

Reduce your admin costs with tank telemetry fully monitored by us

Dispensing Equipment & Pumps

Oil jugs, hand pumps, automatic lubrication units and more

Spill Kits

Ensure you have all the correct HSSE equipment on site

Plant Labelling

Reduce the risk of cross contamination or incorrect product application

Access Solutions

Solutions to your access problems to keep your site safe for employees

Waste Oil Management

Waste oil removal service and collection of empty packs

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