ESOS Phase II Webinar

Now is the time to start thinking about ESOS Phase 2, become compliant and avoid fines of up to £235,000.

This webinar will highlight what you have to do for ESOS Phase 2 and ensure that you hit the deadline of 5th December 2019. You may think that December 2019 is a long time in the future but your data preparation period began 1st January this year.

APPA 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition

APPA 2018 is the platform for discussion, information share, networking, and much more! Join educational colleagues for this distinctive international event where we discover best practices used around the world from more than 100 presenters, to include the professions most recognized and talented educational facilities leaders representing facilities officers, directors and managers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world!

IDEA 2018: Local Solution, Global Impact

 This year's conference features: in depth workshops on District Cooling and Developing Sustainable Thermal Grids, more than 65 presentations from global industry experts and practitioners, over 120 exhibitors bringing the latest technologies and best-practices in the industry, and much more!

Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

The FEW provides the ethanol industry with cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. As the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world, the FEW is renowned for its superb programming—powered by Ethanol Producer Magazine—that maintains a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production, new technology, and near-term research and development. 

The Purchasing Seminar

The Purchasing Seminar is designed for executives and managers who are involved with ingredient procurement, market analysis, risk assessment, supply chain management and corporate planning, and provides significant networking opportunities for marketing and purchasing professionals.

Big 10 & Friends

Big 10 & Friends gives you the opportunity to network with peers, compare experiences in the operation, maintenance and stewardship of Big Ten and Friends institutions’ district energy systems from across Midwest and beyond.

Ethanol 2018: Emerging Issues Forum

The Nebraska Ethanol Board’s mission is to establish procedures and processes necessary to the manufacturing and marketing of ethanol fuel. 

Campus Energy

Join IDEA in Baltimore in March 2018 at CampusEnergy2018: Sharing Solutions, Sustaining Our Future to explore emerging technologies, innovative policies and connect with campus leaders advancing a new energy paradigm for campus energy systems.

ProcureCon Indirect East

ProcureCon events are an inclusive experience: You're encouraged to interact and network with everyone and anyone at the conference, at any time during the event. You're not forced to meet with vendors, nor are you forbidden to meet with them. There are a multitude of interactive session formats during the event, in both large and small groups, because you don't want to be talked at 8 hours a day for 3 days. It's your conference, and you're encouraged to customize your agenda and experience as you'd like.

Manufacturer's Education Council

At the 22nd Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference, in addition to the priceless information on federal developments, you will receive insights into major energy legislation here in Ohio to provide more customer control over portfolio mandates, out-of-market compensation for older coal and nuclear plants, new setbacks for wind farms, clarity on the kWh tax for “self-generators” and an end to the “electric security plan.”