Reduce costs and increase efficiency with a Strategic Sustainability plan

Strategic Sustainability Consulting Offers a Holistic Sustainability Solution

Strategic sustainability planning allows you to leverage the economic, environmental, and social elements of sustainability. We partner with you on enterprise-wide strategies for carbon mitigation, market compliance, and policy and issue intelligence.


Let us show you how our strategic, practical energy solutions deliver results.


Take advantage of rebates, incentives, and tax credits

Maximize your cost savings with the right strategy. We stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes so you can stay ahead. We also help manage cash flow by analyzing whether it is better to pay conservation charges or move to a self-directed program.

Innovative products and technology to reduce costs even more

Be proactive and look for every opportunity with technology. From cutting-edge new battery systems that reduce electric costs to unique social programs like community solar gardens, we look for every modern opportunity to reduce your overall energy costs.


Customer Success Story

Kinect lead us through the process and helped us submit a bundled application which allowed us to qualify for a larger incentive.

– Procurement Manager

Business Challenge

A prominent U.S. food processing customer looked to maximize government incentives related to sustainability

Kinect Energy Group Solution

Our energy assessment identified 23 Energy Conservation Measures with total annual savings over $450,000.