Generate operational efficiencies with smart Electricity procurement

Electricity Procurement Solutions

Electricity procurement strategies can protect your budget in both regulated and deregulated regions. We use innovative software to identify purchasing opportunities that reduce retail and wholesale electricity costs and offer 24/7 support.


Let us show you how our strategic, practical energy solutions deliver results.


Make and save money with owned electric generation assets

Optimize your electric generation operations with centralized access to data and market knowledge. Our team of certified ISO and RTO experts acts as an extension of your control room. With access to real-time data, we help you make decisions that provide the greatest return on investment.

Software that meets your operational needs

Get the transparency of live market data. Our proprietary, cloud-based XISOT software features predictive data analytics to guide you on short-term savings and revenue generation. Automated, custom recommendations based on your targets and current usage and generation data.


Customer Success Story

Kinect helped us obtain a 5% reduction in electricity consumption in one year.

– Chief Procurement Manager

Business Challenge

A leading road transport fuel retailer aimed to reduce electricity consumption at more than 650 retail fuel stations across Scandinavia


Kinect Energy Group Solution

We evaluated historical consumption data at more than 650 sites and identified an initial low-cost transition to LED lighting that made an immediate impact.