Comprehensive Market Intelligence to understand trends and forecasts

Market Intelligence Delivers Relevant Insights

Market intelligence from Kinect Energy Group keeps you informed on the latest natural gas, electricity, and liquid fuel industry news. We analyze production levels, storage inventories, and demand to create short- and long-term-market forecasts.


Let us show you how our strategic, practical energy solutions deliver results.


Decades of experience for precise, informed recommendations

Trust our expertise. We use a variety of metrics to guide you starting with the most important one: your objectives. We also factor in budget; current positions; market prices; past, present, and future projections of market conditions; historical data, seasonality, risk tolerance, and technical price analysis.


Monitor Significant regulatory developments

Get a professional perspective. Our advisors around the world offer expert insights and industry analysis in every market. Through ongoing analysis of the latest market conditions aligned to your established short- and long-term goals, we deliver on your objectives.