Invoice Processing enables you to pay on time and reduce late fees

Invoice Processing Solutions for Every Business

Invoice processing from Kinect Energy Group produces results. Our trusted combination of automation and manual review ensures accuracy. All data is entered into a template for each account to deliver the highest data quality and allow for tracking and sorting.


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Checks and balances for accuracy

Trust the integrity of captured information. Our utility bill pay and reporting platform processes, audits, and validates every invoice that passes through the system. The system flags anomalies such as prior balance, multiple bills in the same service period, out of sequence dates, meter changes, and late fees or penalties for additional research.

Customer Success Story

Kinect Energy Group makes our energy information accessible. They alert us when opportunities arise.

-Vice President, Development

Business Challenge

A large nonprofit healthcare provider with hospitals and locations in seven U.S. states looked to track energy spend and maximize opportunities across their multi-site portfolio


Kinect Energy Group Solution

We consolidated energy invoices, by site, to make costs transparent and accessible. We also validated invoices to ensure accuracy, reconciled errors directly with vendors, and made vendor payments to reduce administrative burdens.