Energy procurement solutions for Reliable Supply Management

Reliable Supply Management from Kinect Energy Group

Reliable supply management is key to your successful operations. Get secure delivery of natural gas, electricity, biogas, and LNG. Our effective sourcing strategies force competition among qualified suppliers for optimal prices.

Let us show you how our strategic, practical energy solutions deliver results.


Create a custom monthly nominating plan

Minimize cash-out costs. We manage thousands of interstate and utility distribution nominations every month. Get usage data to compare to your nominations plan and adjust as needed. Or leave it with us – we’ll handle the day-to-day and only contact you if it’s urgent.

Customer Success Story

Kinect’s collaborative approach helped us align competing internal objectives. The structured, transparent process they designed has led to £500,000 in annual incremental savings.

– Energy Manager

Business Challenge

A leading UK department store retailer sought to optimize their energy procurement strategy for 240 stores in 27 countries


Kinect Energy Group Solution

A detailed analysis of usage patterns and trends against base and peak prices allowed us to optimize the tender process and negotiate with suppliers to drive down costs.