Mitigate price volatility with a customized energy plan

University Energy Management Program-Control your Energy Spend! 

Educational institutions face unique challenges in regard to energy management because of their geographic layout, differential age of facilities, large energy usage and the need for accurate forecasting and budgeting to manage energy spend.


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University Energy Management Program

The University Energy Management Program from Kinect Energy specializes in managing the complexities of energy supply, delivery, consumption, risk, data management and reporting. The Program offers competitive energy management solutions that meet each university’s operational, financial and risk tolerance requirements and helps schools control the impact of energy spend and variable market conditions.

Benefits of the Kinect Energy University Program

A customized energy plan for each university is developed based on energy needs. The plan reviews current and historical energy usage, facility requirements, current energy contracts and sustainability objectives. Recommendations are made after collecting and analyzing data. Benefits include:

  • Mitigation of price volatility through comprehensive risk planning
  • Procurement of natural gas and electric supply from a competitive base of qualified vendors, thereby reducing energy spend
  • Management of transportation service to provide reliable supply
  • Strategic short and long term planning, coupled with accurate budgeting to produce supply and price predictability

Does Your Energy Plan Make The Grade?

Mitigate price volatility with Kinect Energy's customized energy management services for universities. Download our free white paper written for education facilities.



Competitive Procurement

Is key to an effective energy management strategy. Kinect Energy creates competition among qualified suppliers who systematically compete for your school’s supply business, ensuring competitive pricing.

Price Risk Management

Is pivotal to the success of any energy management plan. We manage your projected budgets against actual costs, assist you in making informed hedging decisions and reduce administrative costs. Developing a comprehensive risk plan along with constant market analysis, established short and long term goals and effective execution will reduce your energy spend.

Advisory Services

Offers many opportunities for creative energy enhancements. Kinect Energy’s Advisory Services team has over two decades of experience in pipeline bypass, renewable energy, combined heat & power on-site generation analysis and management, biogas optimization and much more. Engaging in these unique solutions often results in lower costs, improved efficiencies and better managed risk.

Kinect Online’s Reporting Services

Allows you to track and report all aspects of your energy profile. Our secure client web portal provides a capability-rich platform featuring in-depth reporting and data analysis. Reports are interactive and customizable to your needs.

Sustainability Services

Provides a comprehensive strategy to fulfill your objectives. We provide consulting, renewable energy services, carbon management and energy assessments to ensure you achieve economic, environmental and social performance goals.