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Facility Assessments enable custom strategies to reduce consumption

Facility Assessments to Find Energy Savings Opportunities

Facility assessments help you uncover every opportunity. We offer Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Assessments to find the optimal energy conservation measures to meet your sustainability objectives.


Let us show you how our strategic, practical energy solutions deliver results.


Level 1 Assessments to understand baseline usage

Identify low cost or no cost opportunities for improving energy efficiency. Level 1 Assessments outline set point adjustments, behavior changes, and capital improvements that may require further investigation and outline energy savings potential. Level 1 Assessments also help prioritize when to consider a Level 2 or Level 3 Assessment.

Level 2 Assessments for an in-depth review of energy usage

Get a detailed building survey and breakdown of energy usage. Level 2 Assessments provide a cost analysis of suggested capital energy efficiency improvements and the corresponding ROI analyses. Level 2 Assessment analyses provide sufficient data to take action.

Level 3 Assessments offer a detailed review of specific capital intensive projects

Fully understand project costs and potential savings. With a Level 3 Assessment, you get the information you need to make capital-intensive investment decisions with confidence. Level 3 Assessments include thorough data gathering and / or modeling, and comprehensive economic analysis.



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